One of the biggest draws to Minecraft multiplayer servers is the wide variety of minigames players are able to play together, whether it be competitive or survival against waves of Minecraft's infamous mobs or mechanics. With so any Minecraft games to play unique to specific maps or number of players, it's hard to find a concrete list of the ab| solute best to help decide when you're trying to choose for your personal Minecraft server or group of friends! Look no further, Shockbyte has got you covered!

Whether you're a longtime server host or looking at what minigames to get into on a Minecraft server with friends and family, there is an absolutely massive variety! With plenty brand new Minecraft games becoming popular every year, we're more than sure you'll find a game on this list that interests you and hopefully more than one you don't recognize! There will also be a handful of classics as well for Minecraft hosts who may be less familiar with the best games out there!

Minecraft Bedwars Map

Top 10 Minecraft Minigames

Bedwars | Spleef | Sky Wars | Build Battle | Block Hunt | Puzzle Maps

Survival Games | The Walls | Parkour Maps | The Dropper

Minecraft Minigames: Bedwars

Bedwars is probably one of the most well known minigames in Minecraft as competitive aspects allow players the freedom of a completely fresh start every match, while still maintaining the competitive integrity of their Minecraft PVP talents, building skills, AND unique playstyles. The whole minigame revolves around players protecting their spawn island from invaders while still attacking others and is a staple of ANY minigame-based server.

Minecraft Games Bedwars
Bedwars is by far one of the most popular Minecraft Games of all time. See this map here.

Minecraft Minigames: Spleef

Spleef is an age-old Minecraft Minigame that has now gone far beyond it's original game and has found new homes in many other titles such as Garry's Mod and many other sandbox titles. The game's premise is incredibly simple: destroy the ground under your opponents and let gravity do the rest of the work! While simple in it's design, it's gameplay is incredibly deep and thrilling, making for a fun experience for any multiplayer server!

Minecraft Spleef Minigame
If you think you can take your friends in the Spleef Colosseum, download it here and boot up a server!

Minecraft Minigames: Sky Wars

Sky Wars is another popular Minecraft minigame but isn't nearly as popular as the previously stated two. Bedwars is like the slightly older, slightly more popular version of Sky Wars, featuring many more options in terms of gameplay and a widely more popularized competitive aspect to the game mode. Sky Wars functions nearly identically to Bed Wars in terms of maps, but instead of protecting your home island, you only have one life, and must protect YOURSELF at all costs!

Minecraft Sky Wars Map
Stay on your island and prepare or expand on conquer? Download this map here and try yourself!

Minecraft Minigames: Build Battle

Several times throughout the year Shockbyte holds Minecraft build battle events with various prizes over on our main Minecraft server: Build battle is one of the community's favorite events due to it being such a widely popular Minecraft minigame! Players have a limited time to build within a small area ANYTHING they can put their minds to and then other players will judge their build! Whoever matches the prompt best wins!

Minecraft Build Battle Shockbyte Server
We had tons of incredible entries during our Christmas event...will you win our next event?

Minecraft Minigames: Block Hunt

The iconic GMod game mode Prop Hunt has appropriately made it's way into many other games with Minecraft being no exception! This Minecraft rendition is of course called Block Hunt and features all the same incredible Hide 'n' Seek goodness that the original game has far enjoyed. The only difference for players who are unaware between these game modes and Hide and Seek, is that players specifically disguise themselves as items in the scenery! No sudden movements!

Minecraft Block Hunt Map
For those looking to get their hands on these blocks, download the map here and stay VERY still!

Minecraft Minigames: Puzzle Maps

Minecraft Puzzle Maps are among the most popular cooperative maps to play with family and friends as they combine a wide variety of your server's talents to complete. As long as nobody cheats by looking up the answers, it can be an extremely fun (and sometimes extremely challenging) exercise for the entire server that can include everything from math, pattern memorization, parkour, and even fighting mobs! Every puzzle map is different and there are thousands to try, so we highly encourage your group downloads a handful and tries them on a server!

Minecraft Puzzle Maps
This puzzle map is for three players and looks like something out of Portal! Check it out here.

Minecraft Minigames: Survival Games

Some claim that Minecraft's recreation of the Survival Games is actually one of the first Battle Royale game modes that ever existed and has since given birth to many of the games we now know such as: Fortnite, PUBG, and many other iconic titles. As such the Survival Games Minecraft Minigame is one of the most well known minigames of Minecraft's history, despite it definitely feeling dated amongst Minecraft's much more action-packed minigame list today.

Minecraft Survival Games Map
On top of being so iconic, this San Andreas map has gone down in history! Try it yourself here.

Minecraft Minigames: The Walls

The Walls was an extremely popular Minecraft Minigame during it's peak years but has since fallen to the way-side as a relic of Minecraft's past. It is still popularly played on some Minecraft servers, but is regularly less chosen than other games. The Walls' whole premise is players having about 15 minutes within their own little areas to mine, craft, and fortify themselves with weapons and armor to prepare for the Walls to drop. Once the walls do, players will fight to death!

Minecraft The Walls Minigame Map
Will your be prepared the day the Walls fall? Rush towards the diamonds in the center here!

Minecraft Minigames: Parkour Maps

Parkour has been a repeatedly popular trend regularly resurging in online presence since it's initial explosion in the 2000s. This technique of skillfully maneuvering ledges and jumping from dangerous heights extends perfectly into videogames, lending itself to incredible Minecraft maps and diabolical puzzles in the game of Rust. Regardless, they are incredibly fun to tackle with a group of friends and overcome together!

Minecraft Parkour Map Parkour Spiral
If you've never seen the iconic Parkour Spiral, be sure to give it a climb here yourself!

Minecraft Minigames: The Dropper

The Dropper is a Minecraft Minigame that has risen in popularity far after many of the others on this list as it did not originate as a massively multiplayer minigame at first. The minigame was simply an incredible custom map in it's first iteration and is now widely created for hundreds of servers across the globe! Take a leap into the wacky world below, get your bearings as quickly as you can on your descent, and land in the water at the bottom to be crowned a victor!...for this round.

Minecraft The Dropper Minigame
If your party is in for a true Minecraft challenge you have GOT to try out this map here.

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