There is more than a handful infamous Arma 3 mods that entirely change the game for the server they're played on, with Star Wars Opposition being a prime example. Despite being advertised as a military sandbox title, Arma 3 is home to some of the largest roleplay communities out there with some of the most dedicated communities and mods to boot. While people may not originally expect it, new players come for the military shooter game of Arma 3, and stay for the roleplay of the Arma 3 community.

We spoke about it in our Arma 3 Server Hosting announcement blog post, but if you aren't sure how to install Steam Workshop mods onto your Arma 3 server, checkout the Shockbyte Knowledgebase:

Arma 3 Star Wars Opposition

Below we'll be covering the Top Ten Arma 3 Mods to play with your friends in multiplayer, so if you aren't sure how to install Arma 3 mods onto your game client directly, follow this guide in the Shockbyte Knowledgebase:

Here are the Best Arma 3 Mods:

Star Wars Opposition | Mass Effect Opposition | XMedSys

Fall of the Titans | Project Zenith |  Mafia Team Work Freemode

Operation TREBUCHET | US Armed Forces | Zombies and Demons

Breaking Point

The Ten Best Arma 3 Mods for Multiplayer

While many of these mods can be played in Singleplayer settings, Arma 3 is a very multiplayer focused game, which also heavily applies to these mods. Mods such as the Opposition mods and Mafia Team Work Freemode mostly wouldn't function without the interactions of other players, so be sure to grab a handful of friends and start up an Arma 3 server of your own to play them!

Star Wars Opposition

This is by far the most infamous of almost all Arma 3 mods, rightfully earning itself the number one spot. One of the strongest gathering of players in the Arma 3 community surrounds the Star Wars roleplay mod scene, where players will reenact classic battles from the hit movies, or entirely create new ones. There will be several stages of roleplay planning, scenery setup, and at long last, battle execution. Some of the best Arma 3 experiences possible can be had playing on a Star Wars Opposition modded server.

Star Wars Opposition Arma 3

Mass Effect Opposition

For fans of the Mass Effect series, hold onto your pants because the incredible team that brought the Arma 3 community the Star Wars Opposition mod has also introduced an equally fleshed out revamp of the game for roleplay in the Mass Effect universe! Join forces with the Protean Empire or stand and fight during the Krogan uprisings; running this mod on your Arma 3 server gives you the ultimate customization to explore and experience Mass Effect in multiplayer way you've never thought possible before.

Mass Effect Opposition Mod Arma 3


For the all the medics out there, this is the mod for you. Introducing XMedSys, which extended means...Extended Medical Systems! (Probably.) This mod features a handful of new medical features such as reviving dead units with defibrillators, using bandages to stop bleeding of friendly units, and people passing out if they take too much damage in too short a time. Appropriately, medics can then use Epinephrine to wake someone who has been knocked out due to one reason or another.

XMedSys Arma 3 Server

We at Shockbyte think you might also be interested in:

Fall of The Titans

Another game for fans of a franchise of games, but this time the title of Titanfall! This mod is a complete overhaul to Arma 3 in a similar vein to the Star Wars Opposition and Mass Effect Opposition mods except this time, it's Titanfall and by a different modder! Just like the others this incredible mod will add more than a handful of incredible new weapons, armor, cosmetics, vehicles, creatures, factions, and more to your gameplay. Completely customize your Titanfall experience and recreate those fast-paced Titanfall shootouts on your Arma 3 dedicated server!

Arma 3 Titanfall Mod

Project Zenith

Project Zenith is an Arma 3 Mod that doesn't try to hard to think outside the box. Acting almost as a pseudo-DLC the Project Zenith mod adds a wide variety of new weapons, vests, cosmetics, guns, and accessories into the game without completely revamping Arma 3's base game. While this mod doesn't add any new vehicles or giant space ships to fly around in, it will certainly keep the same Arma 3 feel if you're a new player loving the vanilla game. Arma 3 at it's base is an absolute masterpiece of a military sandbox, and Project Zenith only adds wonderfully to that masterpiece without changing entirely what's there.

Project Zenith Arma 3 Mod

Mafia Team Work Freemode

The Mafia Team Work Freemode is one of the coolest mods available for Arma 3 completely revamping everything you knew about the game into something similar to GTA Online. Hosting a dedicated server of your own with a few friends with this mod installed can lead to endless hours of fun as you rise through the ranks under Mr. Petrovic, the Godfather of Altis as his mafia underling. Fight against unending waves of police and rival gang in action packed unique missions, gain respect by undertaking unique side objectives across Altis, and upgrade your arsenal by buying weapons from "Little Jacob".

Mafia Team Work Freemode Arma Mod


Once again completely flipping Arma on it's head is Operation TREBUCHET. This mod turns the entirety of Arma into a Halo-themed warfare simulator packed to the brim with endless content and references. Play the role of a Spartan or a UNSC soldier as you retake the planet from the Covenant menace! Fly extremely familiar ships such as the Falcon or Pelican, or mount up on a Warthog to travel across the land and dominate your foes. This mod gives diehard Halo fans everything they've always wished for.

Arma 3 Halo Mod

US Armed Forces

The US Armed Forces mod is similar to Project Zenith, adding all of the mainstay military icons of the US Military directly into the game of Arma 3. From the iconic M16 rifle to the Apache attach helicopter, the US Armed Forces mods adds all of this and more to Arma 3 allowing you to live out all your patriotic dreams (given you even live in the US) and deliver destruction in a brand new set of weapons and vehicles. The same modders have also developed a full mod of Russian equipment and vehicles, so check that out if Russian weaponry interests you more!

US Armed Forces Arma 3 Mod

Zombies and Demons

The Zombies and Demons mod adds exactly as expected into Arma 3....zombies and Demons! These monsters are able to do a wide variety of things (besides the usual brain consumption) such as throwing cars, leap into the air, eat other dead bodies, and more! This incredible mod has become the backbone of many other mods that use monsters of any sort, becoming a background requirement that also requires installation in some cases. This mod changes the game in a much different direction than the other mods in this list do, but a very welcome one!

Arma 3 Zombies and Demons Mod

Breaking Point

Speaking of zombies, the Breaking Point mod is intended for dedicated Arma 3 servers and changes the entire server into a zombie survival apocalypses, perfect for a small group of friends, or large communities. The mod features eight factions with completely unique perks and drawbacks to each, base construction, weapon looting throughout the map, and so much more. This mod completely revolutionizes everything about Arma 3, turning the game into something far beyond even the scope of DayZ. The mod even works on 4 additional modded maps linked on the map page!

Breaking Point Arma 3 Mod

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