If you're looking for a high quality Minecraft server to play with friends this holiday season, hop into the Shockbyte community server (or our secondary creative server!) to enjoy our wide variety of minigames, returning players, and community of server hosts just like you. If you have checked out a Shockbyte winter event in the past, you WON'T want to miss this one, as we've got two separate servers and a collection of only the BEST Minecraft minigames.

For Shockbyte veterans, we regularly hold events and this brand new Shockbyte community server may not appear very new to a longtime participant. Last summer Shockbyte held our Minecraft build battle event, and last winter we had a stunningly decorated Minecraft minigame server themed for the snowy season with ski lifts, ice skating, minigames, and so much more. This year we're bringing the punch- well actually we're bringing the fruitcake but that's beside the point... Just be sure to play Minecraft with us to get into the holiday spirit!

Minecraft Java Server
Featuring Minecraft Prisons, Survival, Events, Minigames, and Creative all with the Shockbyte community!

Minecraft Survival Server and More - IP Below

The best part about the most popular Minecraft servers online is their complete flexibility for players to play and enjoy whichever game mode they enjoy most about Minecraft. Whether that be the roleplay aspect of Prison servers, the collection and hoarding of Minecraft Survival Servers, or the complete freedom of Minecraft creative mode, Shockbyte is proud to provide that to Shockbyte veterans on our newly renovated Shockbyte event server:


Players who enter the events section of the server will immediately recognize a familiar Christmas map, with last year's Winter hub returning, making the entire events server even more recognizable for familiar players. Players who are looking for a free Minecraft server to go enjoy with friends to really make these last few days before Christmas feel holiday-filled, you have GOT to play a game or two on Shockbyte events server.

Minecraft Christmas Server

The Best Minecraft Minigames on Shockbyte's Event Server

Players who are familiar with Call of Duty's widely popular game mode, "One in the Chamber," Shockbyte is excited to be bringing you the minigame, "One Arrow in the Quiver," where players will duel it out in a winter-themed arena against their friends and the Shockbyte community using an extremely similar ruleset! Collect one-shot arrows by getting kills, and if you run out, let the sword fight begin! Alongside this minigame recreation the server also has a Minecraft minigame classic, Spleef!

These Minigames are some of the most iconic fast paced Minecraft minigames out there, enjoyable for even two players at a time, so simply grab a friend and hop into the Shockbyte community server! You'll never know who you meet, or maybe you'll start a community to create your own server for! Besides the two previously mentioned minigames, the Shockbyte events server also features an iconic Spleef spinoff called "TNT Run," where players will be playing Spleef but the blocks behind them will disappear as they stand on them! Play all of this and more now.

Huge Minecraft Server Lobby

Minecraft Creative Server - Java

Similar to our Shockbyte Summer build battle, we have setup plotted areas allowing anyone to join and build to their heart's content. If you're a Minecraft creative builder and you'd like to impress your friends by etching your name into Shockbyte event server history, come paint on your canvas today! Plots are claimable by anyone and once it's yours you have free access to create and destroy to your pleasure. Let your imagination run wild and challenge your friends to build something festive themed!

If you'd like to have a Minecraft build battle of your own, we highly recommend checking out our previous incredible Winter Minecraft builds on the Shockbyte server, as many players joined the server to reimagine their own creative takes on the holiday season. Create your ideal festive winter wooden cottage or art of your favorite holiday-themed figures, and enjoy free creative access allowing you to create anything you can put your mind to within your plot. Shockbyte's community is incredibly talented builders however...think yours can stand out?

Minecraft Santa Sleigh

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