One of the biggest parts of modern Minecraft is the enchantment process once a player has fully established their home and enchantment room. The development of a fully-established enchantment room is one thing for sure due to how much leather and sugarcane is required for the overwhelming amount of bookcases, but it is well worth it for a scholarly enchanter.  The access to level 30 enchantments is extremely important in enchantment optimization, AND aesthetics.

Among the many most iconic enchantments across the game of Minecraft, shields get forgotten extremely often. While many players are hunting for "Fire Aspect", or "Infinity" for your bows, or even "Aqua Affinity" to stay underwater...players remembering to enchant their most life-saving tool can often get lost in the dust. To be fair, Minecraft shield enchantments do lack any sort of unique enchantment like the previous described, but that doesn't make them any less important.

Minecraft Woodland Mansion Library
You could also just find a woodland Mansion library for all your bookshelf needs!

Minecraft How to Enchant a Shield

Enchanting a shield is a little different than enchanting most other items, as you usually just enchant them directly with levels and lapis lazuli at an enchanting table of your choice. Instead, Minecraft shield enchantments must be applied directly at an anvil as you cannot actually enchant a shield using an enchantment table itself. Do keep in mind, when using enchantments at an anvil, they still will require players to use their levels during the process!

Another difficulty with actually enchanting Shields is due to this "middle-man" process of requiring an anvil rather than simply enchanting the item directly on an Enchantment table. If it wasn't difficult enough to get enough books for a fully-fledged library to surround your player enchantment table, you can only create the enchantment-books required to enchant your Shield by repeatedly enchanting individual books and hoping for an applicable enchant.

Minecraft Shield Enchantment Cost

Top 3 Minecraft Shield Enchantments

While most articles directly cover the Top 3 best Minecraft Shield enchantments, there is a misconception that most articles neglect to cover Shockbyte would like to make clear for the Minecraft community: Shields in Minecraft are ONLY able to use 3 specific enchantments in the game, and while they can be enchanted by other enchantments such as Curse of Binding, Protection, and many others, these enchantments serve no purpose on Shields.

The Top 3 Best Minecraft Shield Enchantments (and only ones) are:

  • Unbreaking, up to Level 3
  • Mending
  • and Curse of Vanishing

The Unbreaking enchantment is very self-explanatory, allowing players to maintain their shield far longer than it's original life expectancy. Mending, further increases this, allowing a player to repair their Shield by providing it a portion of the experience the player receives. Finally, and the weirdest among the bunch, is the Curse of Vanishing. Many players fail to find purpose in many of Minecraft's curses, and while this is generally the case, this one may yet make sense.

Minecraft Shield Enchanting Lecturns

Minecraft Shield Curse of Vanishing

One enchantment that players completely forget about in Minecraft is the addition of curses, added way back in patch 1.11. The Curse of Vanishing enchantment is generally a negative one, especially for any Minecraft private server meant to be played with friends or family. Solo Minecraft players will also find the Curse of Binding and Curse of Vanishing to be completely useless, as well as annoying in their entirety.

In multiplayer however, these curses hold entirely new meanings and allow players to completely shake things up in PVP situations. In many PVP game modes, curse enchantments are allowed and can be found randomly in chests. The Curse of Vanishing is great for PVP as it prevents a hostile player who just slayed you from picking up your item and using it on you again, or on an ally of yours nearby. If you enchant your Shield purposely with this curse, they'll be so caught off guard, your team is sure to win any PVP excursion!

Minecraft Shield Enchantment PVP
Don't forget, attacking enemies using a shield with an Axe disarms their shield!

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