Combat has been a highlight of Minecraft's gameplay for almost it's entire lifespan, especially since it's addition of multiplayer in 2009. Whether that's in a PVP situation like Skyblock, Spleef, a good old one-versus-one duel, or a fantastical duel with the mobs of Minecraft. Combat has been at the epicenter of Minecraft multiplayer servers for over a decade and it's not going away anytime soon. In fact, Minecraft's combat has been such a contention in it's lifespan that the combat update to weapons sparked major controversy across the community.

With all of this in mind- Minecraft's combat has long since gone stale with mob-farms increasingly becoming self-sufficient and automated. Boss fights such as the Wither are even automated these days and players regularly only fight the Ender dragon only a single time per playthrough. Outside of the early nights in Minecraft and perhaps farming for Jukebox discs at night, what purpose do players have to fight mobs manually during the night? Introducing Minecraft Live's incredible new monument adding a brand new reason to pick up the trusty sword in Minecraft.

Trial Chambers Minecraft

Minecraft Trial Chambers - What Are They?

If you missed the Minecraft Live, we've got an entire blog post covering the contents here; the Trial Chambers are especially important though as they add not only a brand new mob into the game, but they also add a repeatable PVE activity for players to enjoy. This player-versus-monster activity is not only rewarding for fun reasons, but it provides players scaling rewards equivalent to the number of players who participated. Each combat trial's difficulty also scales with the number of players too, so parties will have to be prepared for tougher fights the larger their forces.

In the Minecraft Live, we were shown a small example of what a combat trial looks like: two players approach a "Trial Spawner" which is similar to a normal mob spawner already found in Minecraft. Once approached, this spawner will spawn mobs and players will have to defeat these mobs in order to complete the trial. Unlike most spawners in Minecraft, this spawner will not continuously spawn enemies and has a currently unknown cooldown that will be shown by a smoking animation atop it's core. After all mobs are disposed, players will be rewarded for their efforts. For the two player example, they were provided 2 emeralds and a diamond...not bad!

Trial Spawner Minecraft

Minecraft Trial Chambers - Why Visit?

There are a multitude of reasons to visit the Trial Chamber monuments that players will find across the world with the first being more obvious than the rest. Many of the brand new blocks used to create the structure of this monument are completely new including the Copper Bulbs that make up the structure's internal lighting. For players looking to get their hands on some of the newest materials without mining first, all of the items within these monuments are fully destructible so players can take them home to use as they see fit.

The one thing that players will NOT want to destroy however, is the Trial Spawners. While many players may feel inclined to destroy spawers as they come across them, the items that these can provide through repeated use can prove extremely useful; imagine how quickly players will be able to navigate to diamond tools through combat rather than traditional mining methods. The introduction of Minecraft's Trial Chambers could shift Minecraft playthroughs as we know them.

Minecraft Copper Bulbs

Minecraft Trial Chambers - The Potential

So far, Minecraft Live has teased a handful of enemies that can spawn from the Trial Spawners including a brand new mob called the "Breeze" which is a wind elemental that can deal damage when it lands attacks directly, but otherwise pushes players around. This mob will be adding a brand new variety to many mob encounters within the Trial Chambers making combat more difficult even if it missed attacks by pushing a player around the arena.

These Trial Chambers are yet to be fully explained by Mojang including the depth of their difficulty or how intensive their spawns may include. While they originally outlined in their description of the Trial Chambers the monument is "an area for lovers of combat" the difficulty of possible Trial Spawners is yet to be seen. Imagine how unique it may be if an extremely deep Trial Spawner were to spawn 2 Withers at once, or supercharged creepers? The possibilities are infinite!

Minecraft Live Trial Chamber

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