Automatic Minecraft farms are one of the most important considerations in any long-term Minecraft server as players will eventually want to pivot away from manual collection of many items in favor of them automatically being deposited into chests FOR you! Take a look at the guide below for in-depth instructions on exactly everything you'll need to know about getting your automated Minecraft farm up and running, and start living the high-life!

The biggest and most important automated farm to get started in any Minecraft world is food-generating farms, making them among the highest priority for any Minecraft multiplayer server player. Once established, some of the other greatest items to start collecting is mob drops, with specific mobs supplying extremely rare and powerful items any Minecraft player would be eager to get their hands on. Keep in mind that many of these farms require 24/7 uptime on your MC server!

Minecraft Trident Farm

Minecraft Infinite Chicken Farm

Players have near-perfected creating an infinite chicken farm in Minecraft with a multitude of different creative and innovative inventions, with ones such as EyecraftMC's incredible auto-cooker being at the top of the food chain. A much easier choice for players who just started their Minecraft server world would be to create a chicken-jail with a 2-block high height. This "chicken jail" could be as simple as a hole in the ground or an evil looking contraption in the corner.

Using this intentionally 2-block high jail, players can collect eggs, and eventually replace the bottom of this jail with a hopper to further optimize the process. Then, hooking up a dispenser at the 2cd-block high area of the jail will allow the player to use a lever to both easily add eggs to the jail AND lava for a moment, cooking adult chickens alive, and sparing the newborns. It's brutal but we as players gotta eat!

Minecraft Chicken Farm

Minecraft Farm: Sheep and Wool

Wool in Minecraft is one of Minecraft's best decorative items, being used to craft everything from banners, to carpet, beds, and much more. Wool is an important resource to collect a lot of, and even looks great as a decorative block on it's own due to it's wide range of dyeing possibilities. Sheep are the prime factor in this equation, making their adorable little fur-covered bodies prime real estate for monopolizing the market!

Sheep also provide mutton now, which can be a valuable food resource for players early on, but with chicken auto-farms and many other vegetarian options, players might as well opt for sheep to stay in wool-production. Made even better by many Minecraft servers using the command "/gamerule mobGriefing = false" due to the absolute agony of Creeper explosion repair, Sheep can infinitely regrow their wool as long as they are standing on a grass block! Bet you didn't know that trick before!

Minecraft Wool Farm

Minecraft Automated Sugarcane Farm

Quickly into every Minecraft playthrough, sugarcane becomes a wall between the players and progression. Depending on the biome a player has chosen to live within, players may be using Sugarcane to create sugar, and using that sugar to make food such as Pumpkin Pie or Cake. What usually holds players back from progressing though is the early-game's limited access to paper, which is used to create books, and consequentially: bookshelves.

Bookshelves are used to create a library around player's enchantment tables, thus increasing the potency of player's enchantments from the table. With this in mind, getting player's hands on paper is of utmost importance in the early game, making this automated farm vital early on. Observers are required for this build, meaning Redstone, and Nether Quartz are an integral part of getting this set up for automation.

Minecraft Sugarcane Farm

Minecraft Infinite Lava Farm

Minecraft veterans are very well aware of the incredible uses of lava in Minecraft, with it primarily being the game's best source of cooking items in furnaces and otherwise. It far surpasses all other cooking materials, with coal being able to cook a simple 8 items and a lava bucket being able to cook a whopping 100. Even an entire coal block is only able to cook 80 items, still getting left in the dust by the king of cooking- the Lava bucket.

While players are also able to travel to the Nether to collect buckets of the stuff, manual collection is not what this list is about! We're looking for easy-automated farms that collect things FOR you, and that's what this Minecraft lava farm exactly does! Using dripstone and lava overhead, the small drip particles can actually drip into a Cauldron to eventually collect an entire bucket-worth of the fiery goodness.

Minecraft Lava Farm

Minecraft Mushroom Farm

Mushroom farms are some of the Minecraft community's most desired farms due to Mushroom stews being not only cheap to create, but one of the best foods in the game. Fortunately, due to how Mushrooms are spread, setting up a Mushroom farm is incredible easy with the only requirement being it's low-light levels. If a player is fortunate enough to stumble upon a Mushroom Fields biome, Mycelium is able to grow mushrooms at ANY light level.

The mushroom farm is one of the cheapest farms, only requiring a single Redstone torch, a hopper, a single observer, and a sticky-piston. This farm is extremely self-productive and while it must be separated from one another due to a mushroom growth proximity limit of five (mushrooms won't grow if they see 5 or more similar mushrooms near each other), these farms can produce a massive amount of mushrooms if created en-masse.

Minecraft Mushroom Farm

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