Rust is one of the most unique multiplayer survival games, as it allows players to fight and kill one another for all the resources throughout the map. On its own this may not be game changing, but the experiences of tackling the post-apocalyptic landscape while real humans are your biggest threats is what makes Rust stand apart.

Due to this multiplayer component it may be daunting for new players looking to get into the game, leaving them asking; How to play Rust? In this Rust beginner's guide we'll go over everything you need to know, and even what servers to play on! You could even start your own super easily with Shockbyte!

Rust Hardcore Gamemode

Many new players have most likely seen the recent arrival of Rust's new Hardcore Gamemode to the server browser. This gamemode removes many of the concepts that we'll be talking about here, and also many comforts casual Rust players are used to. The short list of the removed features include:

  • The compass
  • Crawling when wounded
  • Global chat
  • Team system
  • Map
  • MLRS
  • Safe zones
  • Blueprints wiped monthly

For new players looking for a more traditional Rust experience, follow this Rust beginner's guide, and avoid these new difficulty servers for now.

Rust PvP Supply Crate Public Dedicated Server
At supply crate drops you can experience some of Rust's most heart-pounding moments.

Best Rust Base Designs

When just starting out in Rust, one of the first things many players are eager to do first is establish a base. Bases are important in Rust as you will gather a large amount of resources and will be required to combine them together. This means you will need more storage than your inventory can hold, and where better to keep all your hard earned loot than in a base of your own!

One of the more unknown but useful strategies when building your base is to "honeycomb" it. For those wondering how to honeycomb your base in Rust, the theory is quite simple. You are trying to add as many walls as you can between the outside and your vault of items in the centre. This will drain raiders of their resources and give you more time to prepare on the inside.

Rust Base Honeycomb on Private Server
This base is perfect. Rocks on both sides, and tons of walls to protect the centre!

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Rust Aim Training

There are tons of weapons in Rust, with everything from salvaged axes to rocket launchers. As with all games, these weapons are genuinely difficult to use and require some training to get good at taking down opponents with. Fortunately the community understands! There are plenty of online servers to try out weapons and starting your own Rust server with Shockbyte lets you to get used to the game at your own pace!

There is also a ton of PvE content in Rust now, allowing you to takeover the Cargo Ship and fight scientists out on the Oil Rig! You can explore the many monuments and practice your aiming skills on human-like scientists who will move around, but not deal too much damage in return.

We also couldn't forget to mention the best Rust aim training site out there:

Rust Aim Training Scientists PvE Oil Rig

What to Prioritise in Rust

Many high-level Rust players do not worry about expanding their bases too much, because getting raided is inevitable. Everyone sleeps in real life, and this time leaves you open to getting raided by players in different time zones. Instead of constantly worrying about the base, these smart players always prioritise having sleeping bags placed all around the map, and stashes of weapons beside them.

Being in the right place at the right time happens constantly in Rust, and even someone with a bow can sneak up on someone with a gun. Forming relationships and talking to players is also massively important, as those newfound friends might just save your life. Or you could take theirs...

Rust PvP Shooting player with Bow Public Server Multiplayer

How to get Guns in Rust

One of the most common ways to get guns in Rust is to kill someone who has one. Easy right? Alright, blog post over.

In reality though, sometimes the only way to kill someone with a gun, is with another gun. To get your hands on a gun really early, search many of the monuments around the map and you will likely find a handgun or shotgun. If you catch someone in close quarters who you can surprise, crafting yourself an Eoka pistol is very easy and deals a massive amount of damage up close.

Rust Supermarket Private Server Crates with guns

Rust Safe Zones and Getting Started

There are a few safe zones in Rust where PvP is disabled (or severely discouraged). The two biggest examples of these safe zones are the Bandit Outpost and the Scientist Compound where players can interact freely, buy items with scrap, order outside items with a drone, and freely use the utilities provided.

These are incredible places to visit when getting into the game, as they provide a lot of much needed utility (and safety) early on. The ability to trade scrap for guns here makes getting that early power-boost super easy too. Remember the rules of these places though:

  • No Weapons
  • No Killing
  • No Looting
  • No Sleeping (logging off the in the compound will draw the attention of the turrets after 10 minutes)
Rust Scientist Compound Safe Zone Public Server

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