If you're a fan of Runescape, the Armor Trimming update almost sounded like a flashback to childhood, but for all players, this update adds a wide variety of more content for multiplayer servers to scour the world of Minecraft together in search of each and every one of the elusive armor Smithing templates, so that every player can completely customize their gearset to their liking. Just take a wise old man's word when they say: don't trust anyone else to "trim your armor" for you.

Armor Trimming in Minecraft's 1.20 Trails and Tales update can lead to some of the most diverse and incredible character customization Minecraft has allowed in the game to date, adding a whopping (16 Armor Trims x 10 Colors x 25 Unique Armor Pieces =) 4,000 combinations of completely one of a kind armor pieces, colored and trimmed. With such a diversity at our fingertips, these Smithing templates are going to be hot commodities on every Minecraft multiplayer server, meaning the hunt is on.

Minecraft 1.20 Desert Pyramid Armor Trim

Minecraft Smithing Template Upgrades

We already covered the beginnings of this update on our Minecraft 1.20 Update Features blog post where we talked about how to get yourself a Netherite Upgrade smithing template as well as how to duplicate your smithing templates once you have one. This is one of the most important steps in the Minecraft Armor Trimming update as duplicating your smithing templates is significantly easier than finding more and more.

The Netherite Upgrade smithing template is a great example of how to find many of the other smithing templates, as they are appropriately scattered throughout the world similarly to the Netherite upgrade itself. In chests across the planet of Minecraft throughout structures such as Shipwrecks, Desert Pyramids, and Jungle Temples, Smithing Templates have anywhere from a 10% to 25% chance to spawn inside chests, making them rare commodities once found. There are a few instances where this isn't exactly the same though!

Minecraft 1.20 Update Jungle Temple

Minecraft 1.20 Where to get Armor Trims

Each unique chest throughout the world of Minecraft has a different percentage chance of spawning with the appropriate smithing template inside according to it's structure type, with some percentages getting as low as 1.2%! With this concept in mind, lets get into each of them! Where to get them and the chance to receive one in a chest at the location!

  • The Wild Armor Trim: Found in Jungle Temple Chests (33.3% of the time)
  • The Vex Armor Trim: Can be found in any chest in the Woodland Mansion (each chest has a 50% chance each, so you're likely to find multiple)
  • The Sentry Armor Trim: A quantity of 2 is found in the chest in Pillager Outposts (25% for each chest)
  • The Dune Armor Trim: The four Desert Temple Chests that Speedrunners often use for iron and early diamonds has a (14.3% chance each) of including two of these
  • The Coast Armor Trim: Each Chest on Shipwrecks will include 2 trims, if at all (with each chest having a 16.7% chance of including any Trims whatsoever)
  • The Eye Armor Trim: Chests throughout the entire End Portal stronghold are able to spawn with these inside (with only a 10% chance normally), and in the library chests, these armor trims are guaranteed!
  • The Ward Armor Trim: This can be found in the Ancient city (with only a 5% chance)
  • The Silence Armor Trim: This armor trim can ALSO be found in the Ancient cities, but is extraordinarily rarer (being 1.2% chance per chest rather than the 5% chance of the Ward armor trim)
  • The Rib Armor Trim: These are found rarely as well alongside other loot strewn across Nether Fortresses (a 6.7% chance per chest)
  • The Snout Armor Trim: Unlike normal smithing templates, these armor trims are ALWAYS equally as rare in every chance across every bastion (being 8.3% of the time per chest)
  • The Spire Armor Trim: End city chests feature this armor trim (6.7% chance for each chest, and this includes the flying ship chests)
Minecraft 1.20 Update Armor Trims
Checkout the awesome Minecraft wiki for a full chart on each chest's drop table!

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