The Cherry Grove addition to Minecraft's Trails and Tales update is one of the more fan favorite long awaited features, with the stunning new wood, incredible new biome, and new place to reliably find bees being a great addition to the game. The biome is also extremely unique in that underneath it's natural generation the caves and ores are generated more frequently as emerald ore, meaning this biome is a great source of some early moolah for trading with villagers!

The biome is currently the only source in survival to obtain the newest kind of log, the Cherry Logs, which features a beautiful reddish brown texture and a bright pink interior. These logs are functionally identical to all other logs of Minecraft, making for the same effectiveness as every other log in terms of creating tools, sticks, or cooking in a furnace, etc. There are definite arguments to be made that they might be the prettiest logs and planks in the game after the Minecraft 1.20 Update though!

Minecraft 1.20 Update Logs and Planks
From left to right: Oak, Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, Dark Oak, Mangrove, and Cherry!

Cherry Grove Pink Petals

The Cherry Grove biome features many new pink appearances throughout, from the falling pink petal particles to the entirely pink leaves of the cherry grove trees. Both of these are absolutely stunning in appearance and make establishing a long-term home in the biome an absolutely incredible choice. Littered on the ground though is a near-infinite source of Pink Petals, which when broken provide upwards of 1-4 Pink petals. These Pink Petals can be used to create both (an almost endless source of) Pink dye and to breed bees!

Speaking of Bees, bees can also pollinate the Pink petals throughout the Cherry Grove biome, having them function similarly to flowers and spreading pollen to nearby crops. This makes Pink Petals extremely effective in widespread farms that include beehives as a source of pollination spreaders, as bees will continually visit the Pink Petals and spread pollen to each and every crop throughout the farm (which acts as bonemeal whenever a crop receives pollen).

Minecraft 1.20 Pink Petals Cherry Grove

Cherry Planks and Stairs

The Minecraft 1.20 Update adding the Cherry Grove biome officially to the game brought along with it an absolutely massive variety of new building options with Cherry Stairs, Trapdoors, Doors, Slabs, Pressure pads, and much more in the same update. This is absolutely mouthwatering news to Minecraft builders as it was not the only new plank added in this update....right alongside the brand new Bamboo Planks! We talked all about Bamboo planks in our Minecraft 1.20 Update Bamboo Details blog post, so check it out!

Speaking of Bamboo, you better get the Bamboo farm started so you can get to crafting TONS of scaffolding. You'll need it for all the new manors you can build with the stunning new combinations of Cherry Logs and Cherry Planks added with this update, not to mention the millions of unforeseen combinations of items yet to be found that look amazing together in decoration. The age old oak planks tend to be the best looking house walls for any wooden starter house, but cherry planks are a nice contender for a living room floor!

Minecraft Cherry Plank House

Minecraft Cherry Grove Animal Spawns

The Cherry Groves function near identically in spawn rates to the meadows, spawning the same types of hostile and friendly mobs. This means players can look forward to a regular spawning of bees and rabbits rarely throughout the biome, just as throughout the meadows, as well as pigs and sheep significantly more commonly. If you're looking for a source of pink wool, there's definitely not a better biome possible to be in!

On the other hand, during the night keep your eyes peeled for regular skeletons, zombies, creepers, spiders, and endermen. All the mobs we're used to spawning throughout the night. With a chance of 5/495 chance though, a Witch can spawn, and the same chance is applied when spawning a zombie villager! Learn something new everyday. Also when it comes to mob spawning we could get into Slimes and "Slime Chunks"...but that's a whole 'nother Minecraft rabbit hole.

Minecraft Cherry Grove Sheep

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