Camels are one of the most long awaited additions to Minecraft, having been added in a wide variety of mods, whether it was as a ridable mount, or a guardian of the desert. After the Minecraft 1.20 update Trails and Tales though, Camels are making their first appearance in the most spectacular way, as a multiplayer-ridable mount! This cuddly new mob though can do more than your average saddle-backed mane-sporting stallion with it's long-jumps and adorable stretches!

Camels are massive fellows sporting an entire half a block height over many other mobs in the game...and nobody could have predicted how far that half-block height distance would have been such a game changer. Our towering desert companions have the ability to directly WALK up fences, stone walls, and even a block with a slab on it. Nothing and nobody can stop these tall boys (except...maybe, two slabs). This height difference also means as long as we're riding our new desert friends, we're untouchable by zombies, and other melee mobs!

Minecraft Camel Melee Mob Height
Just be sure to keep all hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times!

Breeding Camels Minecraft 1.20

Camel's breeding food of choice is the Cactus. That means that if you hold a Cactus in your hand Camels will eagerly follow you across the most perilous of journeys, across lava, through the trenches of the deepest darkest pits of despair, and directly into a holding cell while you wait until your multiplayer server finds a saddle. It is also how you breed them, so be sure to establish a cactus farm if you'd like to stock up on the newest coolest mount for you and all your friends!

Very ironically though, Camels still take damage like every other mob in the game when touching cactus, so don't make the mistake of letting them loose in the cactus farm itself. You're only able to breed a new baby camel with two parents once every 5 minutes, but you can speed up the growth process of the babies by feeding them excess cactus you have lying around if you're looking for addition mounts! Camels also feature a moderately fast sprint of their own, so almost everyone on a Minecraft dedicated server should have their own (or camel-pool!)

Minecraft 1.20 Camels Cactus Breeding
The Camels, trapped by the one thing they desire.

Camels Dashing and Sprinting

Very surprisingly, Camels in Minecraft's 1.20 update are extremely nimble, capable of many parkour feats. Their sprint feature is moderately fast, and while it doesn't keep up perfectly with a horse at max speed, it's almost as fast, and the ability to traverse up 1.5 blocks of height allows far more flexible terrain mobility than ever capable before! In addition to this, while riding a Camel, a player's HUD is replaced with a jump boost bar, that at max charge can be used to jump a whopping TWELVE blocks forward and a single block upward.

Camels can also be ridden in water that is up to 3 blocks deep without being dismounted, although their entire body will be underwater. This means your Camelus bactrianus friend will be slowly drowning until you're able to get to at least 2 block deep water again. The moment you descend into water any deeper, the Camel abandons you (appropriately) in choice of fresh air, kicking you off it's back and floating to the surface.

Minecraft 1.20 Camel Swimming
This Camel completes the course like a champ!

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