The yearly Minecraft LIVE is one of Minecraft's biggest events all centered around the spookiest month of them all: October. If you've never seen a Minecraft LIVE before, the Minecraft LIVE of 2022 set the stage for a grand future of massive turn outs and grand buildups in the community, flocking worldwide attention back to the block-based game in heaping numbers. Whether players were returning to hear about what huge changes were coming to the classic creative building game, or to hear which mob officially won their desperately fought mob-vote duel.... the community all roared out in unison for Minecraft.

Again it slowly approaches that time of year where Minecraft will be running it's widely celebrated Mob Vote and Update teasers, and the community will gather around to support the mobs they like best and update features they look forward to the most. Alongside the spooky month of October, the Minecraft Mob Vote will be going live on October 13th; notably, Friday the 13th. Voting will only be open for about 2 days, so rally the troops Miners! Voting opens in your local time here!

Checkout the Minecraft LIVE teaser for 2023!

If you haven't seen what was added in Minecraft LIVE of 2022, check it out here:

Minecraft Live: What to Look Forward To

Minecraft LIVE is one of the most anticipated events of the year as it brings more than just news about a single mob being added to the brings several layers of community content and interest back towards Minecraft as a whole. For starters: plain and simply, each Minecraft LIVE shows off the biggest flashiest upcoming update to the game alongside some of it's most interesting features! In the Minecraft LIVE of 2022, the community was shown one of the most unique features now in the game today...the 2-player mount...the Camel!

Another great part of Minecraft LIVE is it's draw of the community back towards Minecraft as a whole. In the months before Minecraft LIVE, the game's community begins the wane, searching for new experiences and even veteran players drifting towards modded experiences rather than vanilla servers. Minecraft LIVE reinvigorates that spark for Minecraft, filling up Minecraft servers online, and drawing attention back to Minecraft minigames for all to play. It is great for re-experiencing the nostalgic Minecraft gameplay each year with a new player base.

Checkout the (even better) Minecraft LIVE teaser for 2022! (The BEST one!)

Minecraft LIVE Mob Vote History

There have been many mob votes in the past, but the Mob Vote of Minecraft LIVE 2022 was absolutely the most iconic, drawing attention from Minecraft's youngest and most veteran fans. Between three incredibly strong candidates for the mob vote: "The Rascal", "The Sniffer", and "the Golem", Shockbyte's favorite seed-finding ancient-friend came out on top. The Sniffer stood victorious among the rest, sparking both a uproarious applause and intense controversy.

This comes after a long string of mob vote community backlashes as well, with many years leading to community outrage over the final decisions. One of the most iconic years of Mob Vote outrage is the Minecraft Mob Vote of 2020, where the Glow Squid was chosen over the 'seemingly' much more popular options of Iceologers and Mooblooms. With Minecraft's new focus on the Deep Dark biome and Ancient cities...we're sure to see mobs related to these new areas in this vote!

Minecraft Mob Vote 2020
The full Minecraft 2023 LIVE Announcement can be found here!

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