Aqua Affinity in Minecraft is an enchantment that is especially important for builders in Minecraft who are looking to undertake underwater projects. If you've ever tried to mine underwater before in Minecraft it is an absolute pain; that's because mining underwater takes exactly FIVE TIMES the normal amount of time to mine most blocks. I'll never try that again!

Fortunately underwater builders have a few tools at their disposal, being two key enchantments that will help significantly if they plan on establishing a permanent living abode down in the deep blue sea! A few things underwater players will definitely need to keep in mind is their decreased mining speeds and of course the most important consideration of all: their underwater breathing! Hopefully you've been saving up your experience points!

Minecraft Enchanting Table in a Shipwreck

Minecraft Aqua Affinity

Aqua Affinity in Minecraft is an enchantment that allows you to mine underwater at the same rate that you would if you were out of the water. As stated previously, if you are underwater it can take 5 times as long to mine blocks and if you are floating it instead takes TWENTY-FIVE times as long to mine blocks underwater. Fortunately the Aqua Affinity enchantment allows the wearer of the enchanted armor to completely ignore the previous restrictions, no matter the enchantment level.

Keep this in mind while enchanting as there is not a higher version of the original Aqua Affinity enchantment due to it's simplicity in application. Aqua Affinity enchantment books are also able to be found in abandoned mine chests, traded from library villagers (extremely rarely), and found while fishing. They are a great asset to any player looking to farm drowned for tridents or create an underwater base.

Minecraft Underwater House Aqua Affinity Required

Minecraft Respiration

Now Minecraft Respiration is an interesting enchantment to consider due to it's scaling level, combination with the Turtle Shell helmet, and chance to negate drowning damage. Naturally, the Respiration enchantment in Minecraft can go up to a max level of 3, with each level providing an additional 15 seconds on top of the base 15 seconds. This leads to a maximum time underwater of a whole minute before factoring in the Turtle Shell which also adds a flat 10 seconds of underwater breathing as well.

Using commands players can further increase the length of a Respiration enchantment, but that would be technically outside the scope of any normal survival playthrough. Respiration is an obviously important enchantment for any player looking to build underwater or to conquer Ocean Monuments due to their completely flooded status. Like Aqua Affinity, the Respiration enchantment can be found while fishing as an easy (but rare) way to obtain it.

Minecraft Turtle Shell Respiration Enchantment

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