In the Minecraft 1.20 Update we've seen a massive amount of features being added to the game along with a brilliant new biome in the form of the Cherry Blossom biome! This biome has brought a brand new form of wood into the game in the form of the Cherry Wood, but this isn't the only new wood/planks that has stylishly hit the 1.20 Update...don't leave out Bamboo! Now Bamboo has been in the game for a little while, feeding Pandas and Furnaces alike, but now it has a new function!

Feeding our decorative desires! Bamboo can now be used to fully fill up the crafting table to create a "Block of Bamboo." Once you've got a Block of Bamboo you can then place that block in your survival crafting 2x2 inventory, or on the crafting table to create Bamboo Planks! Once you've got your hands on these, the sky is the limit and you can get to decorating! Start turning these into stairs, signs, trapdoors and fences and you've got yourself a whole new world to create!

Minecraft 1.20 Bamboo Options

Minecraft 1.20 Update Bamboo Uses

Bamboo is one of the most useful items currently in Minecraft, especially of the items you can grow, as many farmable items generally only turn into Dyes, which was one of the more unfortunate additions that came along with the Sniffer after the mob vote of 2022. As an example of this, one of the newest plants entitled the Pitcher Plant is among the coolest looking farmable items in the game, although it's current only use is to be farmed for Cyan dye (which many players do not value).

Bamboo though has a multitude of uses outside of it's now building functionality. Speaking of building functionality though, the only way to create Scaffolding in Minecraft is through the usage of the ever-trusty Bamboo! Scaffolding is incredibly useful in decoration and survival building design as survival players have required safe ways to scale large structures for a long time. Bamboo can also be formed into sticks, and then used as a near-infinite cooking source for all your smelting needs.

Minecraft 1.20 Bamboo Uses

Minecraft Breeding Pandas

To breed Pandas in Minecraft, feed two different Pandas within 8 blocks Bamboo. This will cause the Pandas to enter "love mode" similar to every other mob during breeding, and they will quickly seek out their mate. Unlike other animals though, simply feeding the Pandas is NOT enough, as there requires an eight block tall bamboo growing within a five-block radius of both Pandas. Breeding Pandas in Minecraft might be as difficult as it is in real life (not even close).

Pandas also have personality types that can be checked out on the Panda Minecraft wikia page here, along with an absolutely INSANE genetic passage system that goes along with breeding them. Besides players wanting to specifically collect a brown Panda as part of their end-game collection, there is near zero reasoning for this amount of detailing put into the genetics of Panda breeding, but alas, Minecraft has chosen. Better start farming that Bamboo (you're gonna need it).

Minecraft Panda Genetics
To checkout all the details of Minecraft Panda genetics, check it out here!

Minecraft Best Bamboo Farm

The most effective way to farm Bamboo is by using an automated piston setup to regularly break any grown extensions of the Bamboo stalk, and then have those pieces fall into water which deposits the Bamboo into a hopper. If done correctly and setup indoors with sunlight peaking through a hatch above (using indoor sunlight windows) players can maximize the amount of Bamboo they will regularly be receiving without having to manually farm Bamboo at all themselves.

This farm uses an extremely minor amount of Redstone and Iron to create only a handful of required pistons, and once it's setup; you're golden! Head off to the Nether, the End, and forget all about manually farming Bamboo yourself as the pistons should handle it themselves! You will have to do a little redstone research for the unfamiliar by researching "infinite redstone loop" so that it will never lose signal, but otherwise you're all set! Happy farming!

Minecraft Best Bamboo Farm
Here's a quick outdoors example without the redstone loop, and only using a lever!

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